Tyson Tiger Dress Code

The staff of Tyson Elementary will encourage and positively enforce an appropriate dress-code to enhance the already existing safe and healthy culture of Tyson Elementary School.

For example:

  • all head gear to be worn outside only
  • alcohol and coarse language/image T-shirts will be deemed inappropriate
  • appropriate footwear
  • cover-up clothing (if it doesn’t tuck, you’re out of luck…)
  • no spaghetti straps on clothing or bra straps showing (clothing straps should be two fingers wide)


  • Safety: to avoid socially or developmentally inappropriate languages or images
  • Consistency: this proposal coincides with the Vedder Middle School dress code (link - Page 14); we spend seven years preparing students to be ready for this Middle School transition
  • Decorum: appropriate dress-code represents a positive display of school culture

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